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Undergraduate Index

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Undergraduate Course Index

COMP 101: Exploring the Internet

COMP 102: Web Design and Multimedia Publishing

COMP 104: Computer Animation

COMP 111: History of Computing

COMP 120: Introduction to Computer Applications

COMP 125: Introductory Programming

COMP 150: Introduction to Computing

COMP 163 : Discrete Structures

COMP 170: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

COMP 171: Scripting Languages

COMP 215: Object-Oriented Programming with Mathematics

COMP 219: Introduction to Unix

COMP 250: Introduction to Scientific and Technical Communication

COMP 264: Introduction to Computer Systems

COMP 271: Data Structures

COMP 300: Data Warehousing and Data Mining

COMP 312: Open Source Computing

COMP 313: Intermediate Object-Oriented Development

COMP 314/315: Problem Solving Strategies

COMP 317: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Computing

COMP 320: Software Systems Analysis

COMP 330: Software Engineering

COMP 331: Cryptography

COMP 336: Markup Languages

COMP 337: Concurrent Programming

COMP 338: Server-Based Software Development

COMP 339: Distributed Systems

COMP 340: Computer Forensics Investigations

COMP 343: Computer Networks

COMP 346: Introduction to Telecommunications

COMP 347: Intrusion Detection and Computer Forensics

COMP 348: Network Security

COMP 349: Wireless Networks and Security

COMP 351: Network Management

COMP 353: Database Programming

COMP 363: Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms

COMP 364: High-Performance Computing

COMP 370: Software Quality, Metrics, and Testing

COMP 372: Programming Languages

COMP 373: Objects, Frameworks, and Patterns

COMP 374: Introduction to Operating Systems

COMP 376: Formal Languages and Automata

COMP 378: Artificial Intelligence

COMP 380: Introduction to Computer Graphics

COMP 381: Bioinformatics

COMP 383: Computational Bioinformatics

COMP 390: Computer Science Project

COMP 391: Internship in Computer Science

COMP 398: Independent Study

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