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M.S. in Software Engineering

The MS in Software Engineering caters to students interested in software engineering and also other contemporary topics of long-term value to the industry. Most early careers in the industry are based on either software development or managerial aspects of software development. This degree places more weight on software development. For those seeking a greater focus on managerial aspects, we offer the M.S. in Information Technology (MS-IT) below.

To achieve depth, students must complete the following:

  • 3 courses within one of the following tracks: High-Performance Computing, Large-Scale Software Development, or Internet/Web Development. (The Networking Technologies track is no longer offered as of summer 2011, and students interested in this area are encouraged to pursue an M.S. in Information Technology.)
  • 6 courses that do not need to be in any track:  All 400 level Computer Science courses 400+ level CSIS courses (cross listed with the Business School) are allowed.  There are also numerous options for independent study, including a programming project, research, or a service-oriented project.
  • 1 required course addressing ethical and social issues in the computing field.

Note that you only need three courses in some track and have six free electives from any 400 level COMP or CSIS course.  Be sure to look at the Courses and Schedules page to find links for what specific courses are offered in any one semester or quarter.


You can be admitted into the graduate program and then take the prerequisites given below either before or concurrently with your graduate courses. It is also possible to have some or all of these prerequisites waived based on what you've learned since getting your undergrad degree.

Required Course

High-Performance Computing (HPC) Track

Large-Scale Software Development (LSSD) Track

Internet and Web Technologies (WT) Track

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