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Major Options for Students enrolled prior to Fall 2005

Students declaring a Computer Science major by Spring 2005 have a choice of old and new options.

Students declaring a Computer Science major by Spring 2005 have a choice between four new majors, three revised majors, and the old Computer Science major they had before: old Computer Science, old Comp/Math major or old Comp/Physics. Students declaring a major in the Computer Science Department after the Spring 2005 semester must follow one of the new or revised majors. Special cases discussed below can arise for students pursuing any of these majors.

All Computer Science students should note that


Three special cases are important for the old Computer Science major or the old Comp/Physics or old Comp/Math major: Comp 272, 372, and 374 are not likely to be offered again. Students following one of these old majors who do not have credit for one or more of these courses should make an appointment to talk with the Undergraduate Program Director(UPD), Dr. Harrington, about appropriate substitute courses. Students substituting for Comp 372 should include at least one course in their program with substantial programming in a language other than Java, C or C++. Recent courses that have used other languages include Artificial Intelligence (Lisp), Cryptography (Python), and options for major projects (Python) in courses like Markup Languages.

One special case arises for students switching to the new and revised majors. Comp 150 is the new introductory course in the foundation courses. For students who have not taken Comp 150 and have already taken two or more Computer Science courses by Spring 2005, Comp 150 is no longer appropriate, and these students should plan a substitute course with the UPD.

Students interested in switching to one of the new majors should look at the details of each one, but here is a summary of changes:

  • There are four majors within the Computer Science Department instead of one, each with different requirements for advanced courses.
  • There are new required courses in the common foundation:
    • Comp 150 (see the note above) Introduction to Computing
    • Comp 250 Introduction the Technical and Scientific Communication
    • Comp 317 Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Computing
    • Practicum: 6 units from Comp 391 and Comp 398
  • The total number of units in the new majors is 6 more than the old major.
  • Math 132 or Math 162 and Stat 203 are not required in the new majors.


The new versions of the interdisciplinary Comp/Physics and Comp/Math have fewer changes. They both replace the old 272, 372, and 374 courses with more extensive choices. Comp/Math replaces the Comp or Math 3XX elective with Math 201, which has become a prerequisite to several of the higher level math courses, so the size of the major is not increased.

There is also the new interdisciplinary major, bioinformatics, with a substantial Computer Science component.

If you have questions, please contact your advisor or the UPD, Dr. Harrington.

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