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Graduate Assistantships

The department provides graduate assistantships to students based on merit.

Awards We Offer and Departmental Obligations

Students entering the Master of Science program in Computer Science are eligible for departmental Teaching or Research Assistantships. Teaching-assistantship duties are assigned for up to 20 hours per week in computer labs, in support of faculty research projects, or in network or web support in the department.

Research Assistantships in computer science may also be available from time to time depending upon the availability of faculty research grants. Other units of the university sometimes offer TA awards for computer science students. There is no separate application for seeking a research assistantship or TA awards in other units of the university. All applications are initially reviewed by the Graduate Program Director.

Requirements for Consideration

  • Excellent undergraduate performance.
  • International students should have good TOEFL scores.
  • Excellent letters of recommendation for graduate admission.
  • Current students will be evaluated in comparison with their peers, based on their achievement at Loyola.

How to Apply

  • New applicants to the Master's programs in computer science who wish to apply for financial support, should check the box under the Merit Award Information section of the application form for the question: "Do you wish to be considered for a Merit Award?" 
    Deadlines:  April 1 for Fall applicants; October 15 for Spring applicants.  If you miss these deadlines you may apply later as a current student.
  • Current students, please go o the Grad School Forms page, and look toward the bottom for Merit Award Form.  The direct link is not included here because they keep changing the URL.  Fill in the first page of the Merit Award form and submit to the Graduate Program Director.  It can be by email, since it is an editable pdf form.
    Deadlines:    Applications for the following academic year are due February 28/29.  If you miss that date you can apply for Spring by October 1.
  • Please note that you must be already accepted for admission or be a current student to be considered for any merit award within the CS Department.

For More Information

Applications for admission may be either completed online or downloaded.

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