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Anastasia Johnson's Internship Experience


From an Internship at a Large Industrial Company

My internship experience was truly an empowering one. When I arrived, I went through orientation on the first day, the next day I was given the specifics on my project, and on the third day I was told that I could now decide upon how I would like to make my project come to life.

I was charged with the creation of a database that would be used to clean up millions of records of data from China, the US, Germany, the UK, Finland, India and Hong Kong. I was given the tool that needed to be used for this exercise, and I was allowed to be creative with the final design. As a result, I was able to include queries in SQL in order to perform even greater analysis on the data and also use a Visual Baisc script in order to automate the process. At the end, I was able to reduce a reporting and analysis process that would normally take 2 hours to 15 minutes.

I must say that my internship was very intimidating at first, because I honestly had no idea how to begin, but I got over my fear and conquered my internship, which ultimately lead to a regular job offer.

- Anastasia Jonhson

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