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Comp 271: Data Structures: Algorithms and Applications

Important: Mailing List

You must explicitly subscribe to the mailing list for this course. (If your email address does not match the name you used to register, please identify yourself in your subscription request message.) You are expected to be familiar with the information exchanged on the mailing list. In particular, any official class announcements will be made only through the mailing list. Please be sure to visit the mailing list archives for announcements made prior to your subscribing.

General Info

  • Class schedule: Tue/Thu 16:15-17:30 (lecture), Tue 17:30-18:20 (lab)
  • Class location: Lake Shore Campus, Room DH-339
  • Instructor contact information
  • Office hour
  • Mailing list
  • Catalog description: 271
  • Prerequisites: 170
  • Ground rules (including policies on late submissions and grade disputes)
  • Grading (tentative):
    • Labs: 10%
    • Projects: 45%
    • Quizzes and exams: 40%
    • Attendance and mailing list participation: 5%
    • Late projects cannot be accepted without severe penalties.
    • You may talk about the projects with your fellow students, but you must not share code or any other written material.
  • Required text(s). (The official university policy is to recommend the campus bookstore, where I have submitted book requests for this class. I have also submitted book requests to Beck's Book Store. You may choose to purchase your books at the campus bookstore or at a provider of your choosing.)