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Strong Loyola Showing in ACM Programming Contest

Congratulations to Loyola's ACM Programming teams, who competed in the
Mid-Central Regional Programming Competition on Saturday November 6.
The team of Patrick Behrens, Kevin Greene, and Ashton Kemerling solved
7 problems out of 9, and came in 9th out of the 142 teams competing
across a five-state region. Only three teams in the region solved more
problems than they did! The team of Steven Reisman, Page Schmidt, and
Lina Qu solved a respectable three problems

The results are particularly impressive given the competition. Only
one person on Loyola's teams had competed before, and while most top
teams are all seniors and graduate students, our top team contained a
freshman, sophomore and junior! Our other team was mostly composed of
students just starting out in computer science, gaining excellent

Many thanks to the teams for their long hours of practice. It paid off
for this year, and hopefully will lead Loyola into an even better
position for next year and the year after that!

The coach, Dr. Harrington, would love to have more teams compete next
year. He is always looking for interested students. Please contact him
before practices start up again at the beginning of Fall Semester

The complete 2010 standings are at

The problems are available in the Judge's view:

The competitors only see the problem statements in the left column.

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