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Robotics at Loyola

Robotics at Loyola

Maze Running - Loyola University Chicago

Interest in robotics is growing as shown by two recent events. Aadeel Akhtar's new version of Comp 170, Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, is using robot kits to learn Java programming and robot control. On 13 October, course members and visitors enjoyed watching the robots compete to follow a paper maze trail. The final exam on 10 December had students compete in a Sumobot Tournament to test how the teams, their robots, and their programs will perform against one another.

The humanoid robot Nao, of Aldebaran Robotics, visited Loyola 20 October for an early morning session with both beginning and advanced computer science students. Nao's friendly interactions with students included singing and dancing as well as demonstrations of a sophisticated programming environment.

Students interested in robotics, sharing ideas, and getting more experience with robotics are encouraged to join the Loyola Robotics Lab,


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To view more images of the maze running contest, click here!

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