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Research and Development Projects

Department faculty are engaged in a wide variety of research and development projects. The following is just a sample:

Emerging Technologies Laboratory
A research and development laboratory to explore applied computer science research. Current interests include concurrent, parallel, and distributed systems; file systems; XML processing techniques; and miscellaneous open source projects.
Community Information Technology Entrepreneurship Project
An NSF-sponsored project focused on open-source development and entrepreneurship in underserved communities.
The Triveni Project
Triveni is a framework for concurrent programming with objects, threads, and events. Triveni supports the modular design of event-driven systems from combinators (building blocks) that operate on abstract behaviors. Explicit multithreading is not required but supported for components with autonomous behavior. Triveni components are compliant with the JavaBeans specification. Triveni also includes an XML-based front end.
The Trull Project
Trull (TRiveni ULtra Light), a JavaBeans-compliant component framework for the modular development of event-driven concurrent systems, is the focus of ongoing Triveni development activity. Improvements over Triveni include increased performance, more seamless integration with JavaBeans/Swing, and better support for thread-based components.
Scalable I/O
Research addressing the next-generation of storage systems software. Prof. George K. Thiruvathukal has recently been awarded a grant to support this activity.
MobileUrdu: Handheld/Wireless Technology in the Classroom
We are exploring the use of mobile devices in the classroom of the future. While inspired by the ActiveCampus project, the focus of our work is leveraging mobile devices to enhance the teaching of the small liberal arts classes typical for Loyola University Chicago. As a pilot project, we have created MobileUrdu, an application suite for studying the Urdu language. We have received seed funding for this project from Loyola's College of Arts and Sciences and from the South Asia Language Resource Center at the University of Chicago.
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