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Document Using SSH
One of the most important utilities for working with Unix systems is explained here.
Document Using SSH from SSH Communications
While OpenSSH has become standard on many Linux distributions, many still use the original.
Document Using OpenSSH
OpenSSH is gaining momentum. Being a part of most Linux distros, it is likely to supersede SSH Communications in most environments.
Document Connect SSH Comm to OpenSSH
This describes in a nutshell the process of accessing an OpenSSH server from SSH Communications. This is likely to be of interest to users of teh SSH Communications Windows version but also works for the command-line Unix version.
Document Do-it-yourself Computing
Building your own computer can be fun. This document covers how to go about building a PC. Servers are deferred to another article (to appear)
Document Using CVS w/SSH to Manage Your Code
This document is aimed at individual users who want to do version control. This might be valuable to you, say, if you are in a course where you have a lot of programming to do and want to avoid losing your work!
Document Gentoo Clustering
This document describes how to maintain packages on a Gentoo cluster with a focus on good distributed design principles.
Document Inline Bibliographies
This describes how to maintain an inline bibliography in LaTeX (and Lyx).
Document Adding IEEEtran to your Lyx/LaTeX setup
This gave me a lot of grief, so I decided to write about it. When you install Lyx, you get a nice template for IEEEtran. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. This HOWTO is aimed at helping you overcome this major headache. Put your aspirin away now! Things are about to get better.
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