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Adding IEEEtran to your Lyx/LaTeX setup

This gave me a lot of grief, so I decided to write about it. When you install Lyx, you get a nice template for IEEEtran. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. This HOWTO is aimed at helping you overcome this major headache. Put your aspirin away now! Things are about to get better.

  1. Make sure you have the IEEEtran.cls LaTeX document class at your disposal. This can be obtained from IEEE
  2. I recommend adding the IEEEtran.cls file directly to your local LaTeX configuration. Usually this is located in:
    > <pre> &lt;prefix&gt;share/texmf-local/tex where <prefix> is usually /usr, /usr/local, or /sw (if you are using Fink on OS X, for example).
  3. I believe that you can place the files anywhere within this tree but you are likely to have fewer headaches if you maintain it as part of the local setup, especially when the day comes that you update your LaTeX setup.
  4. Regenerate your LaTeX setup. This means you are more than likely going to need root access or have your sysadmin do it for you:
    > <pre> texhash <pre>
  5. Restart Lyx and make do Edit -> Reconfigure.
  6. Verify that reconfiguring things actually had an effect. You can determine this by checking your Lyx settings directory ~/.lyx on Unix or Library/Application Settings/LyX on OS X and examinging the file textclass.lst. There should be a line as follows:
    > <pre> "IEEEtran" "IEEEtran" "article (IEEEtran)" "true" <pre> If you fail to see this, you can safely assume that things are not going to work.
  7. Once you have done the above, you're all set.
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